This is a reasonable new arrivel to the supercars. The Gumpert Appolo comes from Germany. It is  quite ugly but it is a car and a good one at that. Where should it go on the cool wall. Leave a comment and we will find out.


9 thoughts on “Gumpert

  1. I really like this car and I wish I had one. I think it should go in sub-zero. I would also like to know which car company makes the Gumpert Appolo.

  2. Why would you refer to this car as ugly!!

    The Gumpert is an ugly name indeed, however, this car has beautifully functional aerodynamic lines.

    It’s one thing to love the extreme looks of a concept car, however, this car is a functioning driver.

    Brrr, it’s cold because it’s.. SUBZERO!!

  3. BTW Barbara, >Snesbitt< must be joking with you.

    The Gumpert is a design of Roland Gumpert with collaboration from Audi.

    The company, located in Altenburg, Germany, was founded in 2004 under the name:

    GMG Sportwagenmanufaktur Altenburg GmbH.

    So no.. there is no city in Germany called Gumpert, and no.. The company is not actually called Gumpert.

    It is however heavily funded by Audi.

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